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On a regular school day during the lunch break Sama and Mura were discussing about the anime. Mura was an anime fan for a long time while Sama just started watching it.

Mura : Hey Sama ! Have you watched Naruto ?
Sama : Nope . I heard about it . What is it like ?
Mura : The journey of most unpredictable ninja in his dream of being Hokage \.
Sama : What is "Hokage" . What is it ?
Mura:  Heheh .. Just google it bro
Sama : Comeon . Tell me already
Mura:  Nope
Sama: Please!!!
Mura: Talk no Jutsu
Sama: Ummm.. What ?

[ The lunch bell rings ]

Sama and Mura return to their class and attend the remaining lecture before the school is over. On the way outside the school premise they continued their previous conversation.

Sama : Tell me more about the "Naruto" series
Mura : Well basically it is journey of protagonist Naruto.
Sama : What sort of journey ?
Mura : From being deserted to be loved and cared by all.
Sama : Ohh.
Mura : Get home early and watch it .Bye
Sama : Bye bye

Sama reached his home and got fresh .He then took a little snack with him and went inside his room.He started the computer and searched Naruto on google and started watching episode 1.

[Believe it Believe it Believe it ]

The Incident

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 They tried to do their best to impress each other. We always have urge to impress other to improve our own standing . These kinds of activities in small age act as a seed that sprout a tree when we grow up.

Simon : I can draw better if I get to start again 
Teacher :If you could start again ? 
Teacher: Life never gives you second chance for any event that you wished never happened .You can't go and revive the events hoping to change something bad from happening.
Simon: I didn't understand what you are saying teacher 
How could a boy in elementary school understand the deep thought life struggles 
Simon: I am still a child. I don't understand what you are saying?
Teacher : Ummm... erase it and draw again.
Simon: Okay teacher . Kanin can you give me your eraser ?
Kanin: No.
Simon: Why?
Kanin:This is my eraser and I am using it.
Simon: Can I have any eraser that you are not using ? 
Kanin: I have one in my bag. I will get it for you.
Simon:Thank you
Kanin stood up and went to storage room .
Teacher: Can I help you ?
Kanin: I am a big girl I can do things on my own. I am not like Simon 
Simon: :p
Teacher : hahah

 Kanin stood up and went to storage room of bags. Teacher used to arrange all the bags after kids got to school and it was kept in a large locker with their names on it. Teacher used to take out the bags after school too.Since it was Kanin and Simon first day in school. They didn't know their locker position. Kanin searched for her name and it was at the top left. She was small so she couldn't reach the locker. She looked around and found a stool and tried to stand on top of it. She was pulling to bag but she lost her balanced and she fell from the stool. She cried and shouted and all kids along with teacher from different classes came. Miss Sundance called ambulance and immediately after called Kanin parents.She was taken to hospital. Simon started crying and shouted that it was his fault Kanin fell. Miss Sundance tried to console him. ( Mafel and Rachel ) Simon parents came to school and took him to hospital while (Narjin and Lumi ) Kanin parents went straight for the hospital.

Day 3

The Beginning

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In a village not so far from capital lived two boys Simon and Kanin . They both grew up in abyss of Maznet village . As they were together for 8 years of life they had many similarities being kind , cheerful , energetic and well childish . The only factor separating one from the other was their -ability .Karnin was disable while Simon was able.

[ How Karnin got disable ? ]

On a rainy morning with wind blowing Mafel and Narjin took their boys to first day of school.
Simon and Kanin were both 6 years old when they stared elementary school.

Day 1

Mafel gave lunchbox to Simon and Narjin to Kanin then after they walked their boys to school. Simon and Kanin with no accord for rain started jumping along the sidewalk and splashing in rain.Their parents tried to stop them but they back downed from energy of their kids.After half an hour of walk they reached Freedom elementary school.Simon and Kanin bed farewell to their fathers and went inside the school with Miss Sundance. Since the kids with all dirty the teacher took them to washroom and cleaned them. Then after she took the kids to class 1-A. As it was a popular elementary school there were two class with section from A to D.
     The first class was art and kids sat on ground with their sketchbook and pencil.Teacher told them to draw what's dear and near to them. Simon and Kanin started to draw each other.

Day 2

Irrigation Canal System

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If there is insufficient rainfall throughout the year then the crop production is greatly affected. For overcoming this problem, irrigation canal system are created for supplying water to commanded area.
Irrigation Canal generally comprise of a source being river, lake,etc which then passes water to commanded area through a system of main canal,branch canal and dis-tributary canal.

Irrigation Canal

Human made channel for purpose of irrigation through which water flows is called irrigation canal.

Main Canal  

Main Canal is constructed with head regulator at entry on either side of river to pass the water.The discharge of water is smaller than that of river.During flooding the gates are closed.If excess silt is present then silt ejector can be created in downstream to preserve the crops.

Branch Canal

A cross regulator is constructed at upstream of main canal and a head regulator is constructed near it in downstream passing the water to branch canal.If the level difference from upstream to downstream is high then fall is created to reduce the level of water flow.

Dis-tributary Canal

Dis-tributary Canal traps water from the branch canal and passes on to the command area for irrigation.The discharge of water is minimum than other canals.

If the canals are in filling then lining should be done on either side to prevent seepage of water.

The canals structure also serve to connect varied topography acting as a bridge.


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The decrease in value of the capital assets like buildings,vehicles,furniture,equipment of a business entity due to wear and tear or passage of time  is said to be Depreciation.


1 To find actual cost of product.
2 To find actual profit and loss.
3 To change old asset with new one
4 To find the taxable income
5 To create financial report


1. Straight Line Method 

      In this method the amount of depreciation remains constant throughout the life span of asset.

 Annual Depreciation =  ( Total Depreciation / Life Span of Asset )
                               =  (( Initial Investment - Salvage Value ) / Life Span of Asset )

Rate (%) = (Annual Depreciation / Total Depreciation) *100

2.  Declining Balance Method

     In this method the rate of depreciation remains constant throughout the life span of asset.

  Depreciation at the end of year = Rate % * Book Value 
  Book Value = Initial Investment-Accumulated depreciation
  Rate =  1- (S/I)^(1/N)

3.  Sinking Fund Method 

      In this method the amount of depreciation remains constant at the end of each year which earns compound interest to accumulated value called total depreciated value

    Depreciation at the end of year = Total Depreciation [A/F,i%,N]
                                                  =  Total Depreciation * [i/(1+i)^n-1]

4. Sum of Year Digits (SOYD)

      Depreciation at the end of year =  (Remaining useful life/ SOYD)*Total Depreciation



Initial Investment = Money with which the project started
Salvage Value = Return profit after the life span of a project ends
Total Depreciation= Initial Investment-Salvage Value
N=Life of asset
A= Annuity
i= Interest


Earthquakes of 7.5+ Magnitude in 2015

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        The vibrations set up in the soil due to movement of tectonic plates by natural cause or nuclear test is called earthquake.

 1. Japan Earthquake 


 Magnitude 9.0 quake on March 11,2011  triggered a tsunami that killed at least 29,000 thousand people and damaged some nuclear reactors. There are still aftershocks in island of Honshu.

   Japan was struck with an earthquake of magnitude 8.5 on May 30,2015 with epicenter at a remote island with 0 death toll.The frequent earthquakes in Japan and their earthquake resistant building limited the causalities to bare minimum.

 2. Chile Earthquake 


 Magnitude 9.5 quake on May 22,1960 near Valdivia, Chile  triggered  a tsunami leaving 2,000,000 people homeless. It is the biggest quake of 20th century. Since the quake was followed by a fore-shock in afternoon most people were outside the building.
Chile was struck with an earthquake of magnitude of 8.3 September 16,2015.The initial quake lasted three minutes killing 13 people.

 3. Nepal Earthquake (Gorkha Earthquake) 


Estimated Magnitude between 8.2 to 8.8 on June 6,1505. The earthquake resulted in damage from Tibet to India and killed an approximate 30 percent of the Nepalese population at the time

Nepal was struck with a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8  and depth 15km on April 25,2015 with epicenter at Barpak,Gorkha,Nepal  killing more than 8000 people and injuring more than 20,000. The death toll even exceeded 1934 Nepal-Bihar Earthquake of magnitude 8 which was most violent earthquake in the region before this incident.It was followed by aftershock of magnitude 6.9 and 7.3 during return period.The 6.9 after shock was within 1hr.
             Many cultural heritage sites were destroyed.The Durbar square listed in UNESCO World heritage site were badly damaged which are till the date not reinstated to their previous form. 

 4. Peru Earthquake


Estimated Magnitude between 8.6 to 8.8 on October 28 , 1746 triggered a tsunami  in  port city of Callao

Peru was struck with two powerful earthquakes of magnitude 7.6 on November 24 at Peru-Brazil border region within five minutes.

 5. Hindu Kush Earthquake 


Magnitude between 7.5 on October 26, 2015
Afganistan was struck with an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on October 26,2015 with epicenter at Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan killing at least 400 people mostly in Pakistan.


1. First of all don't panic.
2. Try to get out of house and stay in open place.
3. If you don't have time to go out stay under rigid elements and go out when the motion reduce.
4. Always have a handy earthquake kit with food,medicines,important documents.

The earthquake pattern shows that the country which are prepared from these kinds of natural disaster has low death rate. Earthquake itself doesn't kill people.People die from collapsing of buildings,tower,electric pole etc.Build strong and earthquake resistant buildings stay safe !!!