Search Circle : Naruto

On a regular school day during the lunch break Sama and Mura were discussing about the anime. Mura was an anime fan for a long time while Sama just started watching it.

Mura : Hey Sama ! Have you watched Naruto ?
Sama : Nope . I heard about it . What is it like ?
Mura : The journey of most unpredictable ninja in his dream of being Hokage \.
Sama : What is "Hokage" . What is it ?
Mura:  Heheh .. Just google it bro
Sama : Comeon . Tell me already
Mura:  Nope
Sama: Please!!!
Mura: Talk no Jutsu
Sama: Ummm.. What ?

[ The lunch bell rings ]

Sama and Mura return to their class and attend the remaining lecture before the school is over. On the way outside the school premise they continued their previous conversation.

Sama : Tell me more about the "Naruto" series
Mura : Well basically it is journey of protagonist Naruto.
Sama : What sort of journey ?
Mura : From being deserted to be loved and cared by all.
Sama : Ohh.
Mura : Get home early and watch it .Bye
Sama : Bye bye

Sama reached his home and got fresh .He then took a little snack with him and went inside his room.He started the computer and searched Naruto on google and started watching episode 1.

[Believe it Believe it Believe it ]


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