The Beginning

In a village not so far from capital lived two boys Simon and Kanin . They both grew up in abyss of Maznet village . As they were together for 8 years of life they had many similarities being kind , cheerful , energetic and well childish . The only factor separating one from the other was their -ability .Karnin was disable while Simon was able.

[ How Karnin got disable ? ]

On a rainy morning with wind blowing Mafel and Narjin took their boys to first day of school.
Simon and Kanin were both 6 years old when they stared elementary school.

Day 1

Mafel gave lunchbox to Simon and Narjin to Kanin then after they walked their boys to school. Simon and Kanin with no accord for rain started jumping along the sidewalk and splashing in rain.Their parents tried to stop them but they back downed from energy of their kids.After half an hour of walk they reached Freedom elementary school.Simon and Kanin bed farewell to their fathers and went inside the school with Miss Sundance. Since the kids with all dirty the teacher took them to washroom and cleaned them. Then after she took the kids to class 1-A. As it was a popular elementary school there were two class with section from A to D.
     The first class was art and kids sat on ground with their sketchbook and pencil.Teacher told them to draw what's dear and near to them. Simon and Kanin started to draw each other.

Day 2


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