The Incident

 They tried to do their best to impress each other. We always have urge to impress other to improve our own standing . These kinds of activities in small age act as a seed that sprout a tree when we grow up.

Simon : I can draw better if I get to start again 
Teacher :If you could start again ? 
Teacher: Life never gives you second chance for any event that you wished never happened .You can't go and revive the events hoping to change something bad from happening.
Simon: I didn't understand what you are saying teacher 
How could a boy in elementary school understand the deep thought life struggles 
Simon: I am still a child. I don't understand what you are saying?
Teacher : Ummm... erase it and draw again.
Simon: Okay teacher . Kanin can you give me your eraser ?
Kanin: No.
Simon: Why?
Kanin:This is my eraser and I am using it.
Simon: Can I have any eraser that you are not using ? 
Kanin: I have one in my bag. I will get it for you.
Simon:Thank you
Kanin stood up and went to storage room .
Teacher: Can I help you ?
Kanin: I am a big girl I can do things on my own. I am not like Simon 
Simon: :p
Teacher : hahah

 Kanin stood up and went to storage room of bags. Teacher used to arrange all the bags after kids got to school and it was kept in a large locker with their names on it. Teacher used to take out the bags after school too.Since it was Kanin and Simon first day in school. They didn't know their locker position. Kanin searched for her name and it was at the top left. She was small so she couldn't reach the locker. She looked around and found a stool and tried to stand on top of it. She was pulling to bag but she lost her balanced and she fell from the stool. She cried and shouted and all kids along with teacher from different classes came. Miss Sundance called ambulance and immediately after called Kanin parents.She was taken to hospital. Simon started crying and shouted that it was his fault Kanin fell. Miss Sundance tried to console him. ( Mafel and Rachel ) Simon parents came to school and took him to hospital while (Narjin and Lumi ) Kanin parents went straight for the hospital.

Day 3


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