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On the outskirt of town there stood a well known cafe, Cafe Karasuno. The cafe was mostly crowded and was running a prosperous business. During last day of school before winter vacation Hinami and Oyashi decided to go to this cafe as it was very popular. After school they went to cafe in a group of four with Mizuki and Furuna joining along.When they reached the cafe it was oddly vacant. Since they didn't have to wait to get their orders they were pretty have. Hinami and Mizuki ordered tea and sandwich while Oyashi and Furuna ordered tea and burger. The meal was readily delivered. The gang started discussing about their winter vacation plan. Hinami planned to visit her grandmother. Oyashi was going to ski trip. While Mizuki was talking about his plans to watch anime all vacation , a customer entered the cafe and sat next to their table. He immediately shouted at waiter to bring him chicken soup for two.

One person but order for two ? 

Furuna being a fan of Detective Conan series and mystery novel started to peek her interest in this incident.
Furuna : Is that man so hungry that he couldn't calm down before ordering his meal".
Mizuki :He may be waiting for someone.
Oyashi: But won't soup get cold ?
Hinami: Forget about it . Well then Furuna what are you planning to do this winter ?
Furuna: Well firstly I want to solve this mystery :p


Day 1

The man then took out his cellphone and started dialing number. He called his friend and shouted to get there soon.The waiter brought chicken soup for two. The man took something out of his pocket and looked around. Since the gang were watching his activities they started laughing to waver his attention. He pour something on other chicken soup and called his friend again. After some moment another customer entered the cafe. He went straight to chicken soup man and gave him a present.

Chicken Soup Man : Why are you late ?
Present Man : I was buying you a present.
CS man : What is the need for it ?
P man: Since we are meeting after a long time I thought I should buy you a present.
CS man: What's inside the box ?
P man: Find out for yourself.
CS man: Oh.  It's my favourtie strawberry cake
P man: Yup